I paint “Color Dog” portraits in oils on a full sheet of the heaviest (300 lb) cold pressed, water color paper. The background is a water color wash in whatever color you'd like (think about where you'll be hanging it, or I can choose for you, or we can talk about it)

    Finished, unframed sizes range from a full sheet (22"x30") to miniature (5"x7"). For all sizes, choose "sizes/prices" tab in the navigation bar.

    I"ll need a 50% before work begins. Balance, and any shipping costs, will be billed upon completion of your custom Color Dog portrait.

    The time frame for receiving your finished portrait depends on how long the waiting list is at any point. The usual time ranges from 3-6 weeks from receipt of Order Request form, deposit, and photos. You can contact me for a more accurate estimate based on your specific time frame.

    I guarantee you will love your Color Dog portrait! But, if you feel I have "missed" your pet's likeness, I will re-paint it, or offer a full refund. Though it hasn't happened yet, the offer still stands!


    Gather or take photos of your pet. More is better. The more photos I have, the better sense I get of your pet’s personality. Include at least two clear, close up “head shots” (see PHOTO TIPS below). You can either e-mail, or snail-mail your photos. If I think I need more or better photos, I’ll contact you.

    Print out and complete the Order Request form (see below). Fill in customer information, size, and requested background color. Sign, and mail, along with your deposit check.

    I work on portraits in the order they are received. The Order Request form, photos and deposit check can be sent together, or in any combination, but your order will not be “active” until I have all three.

    When I have finished your custom Color Dog portrait, I’ll notify you by phone or email and send an invoice for the balance plus shipping charges. Though most clients like to wait for the “surprise” of the real portrait, I can, if you’d like, email a photo before shipping.

    Again, If you are unhappy with the likeness, I will paint it again! Though it has never been necessary, I do offer a money back guarantee.


    To create your custom Color Dog portrait, I will need several close-up, clear photographs with clear eye detail. It’s best to take photos at your pet’s level, so he/she is looking straight at the camera. I need at least a couple of “head shots” - chest and face looking straight at the camera. Extra shots are helpful for additional information, including any extras that convey your pet’s personality.

    Lighting is important. There should be enough light for clear detail, but not too much. Mid day sunshine and camera flash tend to flatten the image and wash out color and detail. The best photos are taken outside in natural light in either early morning or later in the afternoon. If you have to be inside, choose a spot near a window with good natural light.

    (due to site restrictions, you'll have to copy and paste - sorry!)

    Sarah Gayle Carter Design Studio
    101 West Preston Street
    Lexington, Virginia 24450
    phone: 804-350-2724
    e-mail: scarter@sarahgaylecarter.com
    website: sarahgaylecarterpaintings.com

    street address________________________________
    city, state, zip________________________________
    phone (including area code)_____________________________
    e-mail __________________________________________


    full sheet __full sheet/square_half sheet_half sheet/square_miniauture__

    one subject_______________________ two subjects_________________________

    background color preference______________________________________________

    50% deposit enclosed___________________________________________________


    Sarah Gayle Design Studio respects your privacy and does not disclose to any third party the personal information submitted by you via e-mail, US Mail, or any other method. Sarah Gayle Carter and Sarah Carter Inc. reserves the right to use copies of the commissioned work (including submitted photographs of your pet) for portfolio or other promotional purposes. All work is copyright of Sarah Carter Inc.

    Remember, better photos make better portraits!